Russian Drunk Driver Has License Suspended For 106 Years

Longest Drunk Driving SentenceA drunk driver in Russia had his driver’s license suspended for a record-breaking 106 years after he was caught trying to evade a police checkpoint.

Although the man’s name was not released, Russian police say he was pulled over in Perm, a city that arrests between 40 and 70 drunk drivers every day. According to Russian authorities, the man is a frequent drunk driver, and this isn’t the first time he’s had his license suspended. Local Traffic Police Spokesman Vladimir Vasenin said the lengthy suspension was “the sum of all driving license suspension rulings ever issued to such a driver.”

New Record

Russian officials said about 10 people in the Ural region have been given extremely long license suspensions as a result of multiple drunk driving violations. Those individuals had their licenses suspended for between 80 and 102 years, but the newest 106-year suspension takes the cake.

“There are some people whose licenses have been suspended for 100, 102 years,” said head of regional traffic police Oleg Churkin. “For 106, the person’s driving license suspended for life for DUI.”

Police said that those individuals who have been given lengthy suspensions often appeal, but a shortened term has never been given. Eventually, they say, the majority of drivers simply sell their car and never drive again.

Illinois Harsher?

Although it’s uncertain how many previous DUI violations this Russian had, Defense Attorney Brett Appelman explains how someone could actually have a longer suspension in Illinois.

Just like in Russia, you can have your driver’s license suspended in Illinois for being arrested for a DUI. You can then also have your license revoked for being convicted of a DUI, which means that there is not just a time period to wait for the return of your license. You must also have a hearing with the Secretary of State to request a reinstatement of your license.

In Illinois, the driver’s license consequences for DUIs are:

1st DUI conviction – 1 year Revocation

2nd DUI conviction – 5 year Revocation (If within 20 years of the 1st DUI)

3rd DUI conviction – 10 year Revocation

4th DUI conviction – Barred from diving for life

So while it seems like a 106-year driver’s license suspension is quite harsh, the Russian system actually is more lenient that our system in Illinois. The defendant in Russia would be barred for life from driving in Illinois, but if he lives long enough, assuming he makes it to 135 years old, he might still get his license back over there.

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