McDonald’s Employee Arrested For Distributing Heroin Through Happy Meals

Happy MealPolice in Pennsylvania arrested a McDonald’s employee for selling heroin through the drive-thru window by placing drugs inside Happy Meals boxes. 

According to the police report, customers used the buying code “I’d like to order a toy,” to signal that they’d like to buy heroin from employee Shantia Dennis.

Authorities arrested Dennis, 26, on charges of drug distribution after undercover officers conducted a purchase at the fast food restaurant. A subsequent raid uncovered 50 units of heroin as well as the 10 units purchased by the undercover officer.

“I’d Like To Order A Toy”

When customers uttered the magic words at the drive-thru order screen, they would be directed to the first of the two drive-up windows. After customers paid Dennis, they would be handed a Happy Meal box packed with heroin.

Authorities aren’t sure how long the operation had been taking place, but they said there was no indication that the franchise owner knew about Dennis’ actions. Dennis is currently being held on $30,000 bail at the Allegheny County Jail.

Possible Penalties

Although the story says the dealer was caught with a total of 60  “units” of heroin, let’s assume she was caught with 60 grams. Had this crime occurred in Illinois, Dennis could have faced some stiff penalties.

Under Illinois law:

  • A person can face 4-15 years in prison and a maximum fine of $250,000 if they are found to be in possession of between 15 and 100 grams of a controlled substance (cocaine, heroin, meth, etc.)
  • A person can face 6-30 years in prison and a maximum fine of $500,000 if they manufacture, sell, or distribute between 15 and 100 grams of a controlled substance.

Currently, Pennsylvania authorities have only charged Dennis with distribution of a controlled substance, but more charges could be forthcoming as the investigation into the operation continues.

Related source: Chicago Tribune

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