Chicago Man Facing up to 80 years in Prison for Sexual Assaults

prisonThis week Chicago police arrested 20-year-old Tyreese T. Richardson and charged him with 2 counts of home invasion and 3 counts of aggravated sexual assault.

The three attacks occurred between July 27 and August 5. Richardson allegedly broke into the victims’ homes wielding a knife and sexually assaulted them.

If convicted of these charges, Richardson will face a long stay in prison.

Home invasion is a Class X Felony, which can lead to a 30 year prison sentence in Illinois. But the aggravated criminal sexual assault charges are the more serious crimes. Each count is a Class X Felony, and each can bring a sentence of up to 30 years jail time. An additional 10 years will automatically be added because of the use of a weapon during the assault. He is potentially looking at two separate sentences of 40 years each, to be served consecutively. This means that he would serve the first 40 year sentence before the second 40 year term even begins.

He also clearly has a prior felony record, because police caught him through DNA matching.  All felons in Illinois are forced to submit a DNA sample, which is then stored by law enforcement for use in solving future cases.

This defendant needs to immediately contact a criminal defense attorney to represent him.  Anything he says or does right now will be used as evidence against him, and he needs someone to prevent him from digging himself an even deeper hole.

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