Teen Drunk Driver hits Cop Car while Fleeing Shootout

Last weekend, 18-year-old Kendall Collier hit a squad car and injured a police officer while drunkenly driving away from a shooting at a house party.

Early Saturday morning, gunfire erupted at a Montgomery Illinois house party. The shooting caused attendees to scatter. Collier was one of those in attendance who got in his car and drove away to avoid this shooting. In the process he ran into a squad car and injured the officer inside.

Police say Collier was intoxicated at the time of the accident. He is being charged with aggravated DUI.

No one was hurt in the shooting. The injured officer was initially in serious condition, but has since been stabilized.

Brett Appelman Comments

This kid is in serious trouble, but he might get a break based on his reason for driving while under the influence.

Necessity is a defense to most crimes. The argument goes that “I HAD to commit the crime because it was necessary in order to avoid a much worse event from happening.”  Just as firemen will not get prosecuted for kicking your door in to run into a burning house (Breaking and Entering), this defendant might be able to argue that it was necessary for him to drive, even while drunk, to avoid getting shot.  A jury might believe that he had no other choice.

Even if he is found guilty, I would imagine that the judge would give him some leniency in sentencing him, based on his reasons for driving.


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