Naperville Woman Accused of Killing 2 Kids

Elzbieta Plackowska, a Naperville woman who is accused of murdering 2 children, is expected to plead insanity at her upcoming hearing.

Plackowska allegedly stabbed to death her son and another child whom she was babysitting. She has since confessed to both murders and is being charged with 1st degree murder.

Prosecutors in the case are now expecting an insanity plea from Plackowska and her attorneys. With that in mind, they are seeking to have Plackowska examined by a psychiatrist to determine whether or not she is insane in the legal sense of the term.

“Society uses the term ‘insanity defense’ quite often,” says Chicago Attorney Sean Sullivan. “It is referenced all the time in movies and on television. What exactly does a defense based on insanity mean?  Legally to be insane a person must not be able to understand the consequences of their actions. They are incapable of understanding the right and wrong of what they did. Most people will think that this woman must have been insane to kill her own child. Was she legally insane however? This is a difficult question that only a trained psychological professional can determine. She would be well served to have a defense attorney who is familiar with mental disease and illness.  Such mental health issues pose serious issues that must be resolved before this case can be tried properly.”

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