Illinois Lawmakers Increase Penalties For Fake IDs

Fake ID IllinoisIllinois lawmakers are attempting to cut down on fake ID use by increasing the penalties associated with unlawful possession of an ID.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White said the state is launching a new campaign called “Fake IDs…The Real Truth” in hopes of discouraging individuals from seeking out forged IDs.

White said the majority of fake identification offenders are college kids looking to buy alcohol or get into a bar, but the seemingly harmful crime can have huge real world implications. Aside from the possible criminal penalties, White warns that some websites offering fake IDs with real information are actually fronts to seize and sell personal information.

“On top of breaking the Illinois law, and risking their driving privileges, these students are putting themselves at risk for identity theft,” he said.”

White added that his office has caught more than 1,200 individuals in possession of a fake ID over the last two years.

Fake ID Penalties in Illinois

The penalties for possession a fake ID in Illinois are severe. A person can be subject to all the following penalties under Illinois law:

• Up to 1-3 years in jail

• A fine of $500 to $25,000

• 50 hours of community service

• A one-year driver’s license suspension

White seemed pretty adamant that anyone arrested for possession of a fake ID will have their driver’s license suspended for a year, so it’s imperative that you seek legal counsel if you are arrested for fake ID possession in Illinois. A stupid mistake shouldn’t put your college career and employment in jeopardy because you are stranded without a car for a full year. We’re more than happy to talk to you and provide you with a free case review to go over your options.

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