Naperville Popsicle Thief Gets Jail Sentence

Popsicle ThiefA local man caught with a popsicle in his pants will face jail time for his ice cold theft.

Guy E. Hansen, 54, of Wheaton was sentenced to 114 days in the DuPage County Jail after pleading guilty to charges of misdemeanor retail theft and criminal trespassing on Wednesday.

According to the police report, Hansen entered a Jewel-Osco store on July 29 with the intent to steal some merchandise. A security officer recognized Hansen as he left the store, and upon reviewing the security video, noticed that Hansen appeared to steal a loaf of bread from the bakery area.

Hansen returned to the store a short while later and made a beeline for the daily section, where he opened a bottle of Nesquik and drank it without paying. According to Sgt. Steve Schindlbeck, “Hansen also removed several yogurts from the cooler (and placed them) into a pants pocket.”

But Hansen’s crime spree didn’t stop there. He moved to the frozen foods section in hopes of grabbing a delicious dessert. According to Schindlbeck, Hansen opened a box and removed a frozen popsicle before placing it “into a front pants pocket.” Hansen then left the store, but authorities were already in pursuit.

Police quickly located Hansen outside the store and placed him under arrest. The police report states that the value of the stolen items totaled $5.18.

Nearly four months in jail for such a minor crime may seem harsh, but as your might have guessed, this wasn’t Hansen’s first run-in with the law. Hansen was already on parole from two charges of burglary and retail theft from back in 2011. A criminal records search also revealed that Hansen has served three prison terms since 1998 for a variety of crimes including robbery, burglary, aggravated battery, retail theft and drug possession.

As part of his sentencing, Hansen has been ordered never to return to the store.

Related source: Naperville Sun

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