Chicago Police Find 2 Football Fields Worth of Marijuana

marijuanaThis week Chicago police reportedly found massive fields of marijuana on the south side of the city.

The marijuana fields were the size of two football fields, with a total estimated value of $7-10 million – the largest cannabis crop ever discovered in Chicago. The area was concealed by thick brush right off of the Bishop Ford Freeway. A police helicopter discovered the fields during a flyover.

The plants had been growing for 4-6 months and had an average height of six feet. Police also found a small camp with a sleeping bag and food.

So far, no arrests have been made. Officers are still trying to pin down who owns the land.

Attorney Commentary from Brett Appelman

Whoever owns the land that these plants were found on will have a lot of explaining to do to the police.  The owner can claim that he or she did not know about the massive pot farm growing on their land, but it will be a hard sell.

Clearly whoever is found responsible for these plants will be facing charges of Cannabis Possession, as well as Possession with Intent to Deliver, also known as Dealing.  In Illinois anytime you possess pot, or any drug for that matter, you can be charged with Intent to Deliver if the prosecutor can show that the drugs were not intended for your own personal use.  If you possess thousands of pot plants, you clearly were not keeping them solely for personal use.


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