Illinois Mom Files Personal Injury Suit after Birth Injury

baby personal injuryA year ago last week, Illinois resident Joanna Carey filed a personal injury lawsuit after her baby was born with brain damage due to alleged malpractice by Advocate Hospital staff.

Carey gave birth to her daughter, Lillian back in 2003. As she went into labor she exhibited signs of fetal distress. Carey alleges that the hospital staff knew about the fetal distress, but did nothing about it. In fact, they continued to administer drugs that are known to intensify fetal distress.

This fetal distress ultimately resulted in Lillian being born with brain damage and mental disability.

“Medical Malpractice cases are always emotional,” says personal injury lawyer, Sean Sullivan. “None more so than those malpractice suits that involve the injury of a child. These types of suits often seek damages in the millions. Most people wonder why the plaintiff would ever need that much money. But most people don’t realize all of the hidden medical costs associated with a disabled person. In fact, in a malpractice case such as this, where a child has permanent brain damage, this child is now going to need specialized care for the rest of her life, perhaps even full time care. Caring for the disabled child becomes the parent’s full time job at that point. Such a large settlement is necessary when you realize it may be the sole support for 2 or more people. Injuries of this type impact the whole family, not just the victim.”


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