Sean Sullivan Recovers $20,000 for Client in Civil Law Suit

Sean SullivanSean Sullivan, civil defense attorney at Appelman & Associates, won a major civil law suit last week. His client had purchased a used BMW from a car lot and the car quickly broke down within a week. It turns out the transmission was bad and the car lot knew about it, but hid it when the client purchased the car.  The car lot refused to refund his money or even to pay for repairs.

Sean brought suit against the lot and the case was sent to binding arbitration. Using his superb litigation skills, Sean proved the following:

  • That the car was defective
  • That the car lot knew it was prior to the sale
  • That they had purposely not disclosed that information to the customer

Sean even proved that the lot tore out the last two pages of the Illinois car buying contract (which by law must include some warnings to buyers) just to trick their customers.

Sean’s client was awarded his entire purchase price, plus any and all expenses he went through to attempt to fix and return the car. In the end our client will be receiving over $20,000!

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