Illinois Deputy Charged with Sexual Assault of a Minor

sexual assaultMcHenry County Deputy, Gregory Pyle, was arrested this week and will face trial on Friday for sexual assaulting a child.

Making matters worse, at the time of his arrest Pyle was an investigator in the police department’s internet sex crimes unit. Pyle allegedly sexually assaulted a young boy during a trip to Wisconsin and also filmed and uploaded to the internet pornographic material involving the boy.

Pyle faces a mandatory minimum of 30 years in prison (and a maximum life sentence) for sexually assaulting a minor across state lines. He is also charged with sexual exploitation of the child – a charge that usually brings 15 to 30 years in prison.

“If the allegations in this story are true, and this Deputy did abuse children, then it truly is a horrible crime,” says Chicago Attorney Sean P. Sullivan. “Sexual abuse of children is always a horrible thing.  What I find most troubling about this case is that this Deputy is mentioned as being a former internet sex crimes investigator for the sheriff’s department. This man was entrusted to safeguard our most precious resource- children. Under the guise of protecting our children from predators, he was actually preying on them himself! All while being paid by the taxpayers. Truly reprehensible.”



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